Build Your Emotional Intelligence

Take Control of Your Feelings and Your Life

It’s time to learn to relate and manage highly emotional people in a way that gives you the confidence and skills to deal with any difficult situation

Perhaps you were promoted into a leadership role because you were such a fabulous performer. Then you found out that dealing with many different people and all their drama seemed overwhelming. You realize that it is time for a change.


You don’t know where to start.


You enjoyed your work and how you were able to meet new challenges and personally grow and develop. You were highly satisfied, and then you got promoted into a leadership role.


Now you barely find time to even do your own work. You must stop and deal with…

  • Difficult people who become emotional at the drop of a hat.
  • Deal with conflict that comes with having to confront others and hold difficult conversations.
  • Tossing and turning at night wondering how you handle a difficult situation at work.
  • Feeling stuck and anxious because of all the “interpersonal” stuff is not like you thought it would be.

Sound familiar?


You deserve to be a leader that enjoys their work and helps others to enjoy their work. You want to be energized by challenges and a culture that is supportive and devoid of all the drama and negative emotion that detract others from productivity.

You deserve to be a leader where:

You know how to manage emotional reactions. First you have to learn to manage your own emotion. This will help you to manage the emotions of others.

You can communicate clearly and openly to improve execution. The way you communicate has everything to do with the results that you receive. Knowing how to do so, you will improve productivity.

You welcome conflict because it signals that others have different ideas. Being able to recognize conflict and learning how to defuse it in a way that builds respect and trust will enhance your culture.

You know how to reduce stress and anxiety around work issues. No one performs well, nor do they enjoy their work when they are stressed out. People don’t show up, quit, or make life miserable for others. You want everyone to be enthusiastic about their work and work together in a positive environment.

You empathize with others in understanding their challenging situations. Doing so builds others’ confidence in themselves while improving productivity and motivation for you and your team.

Want to improve your emotional intelligence?

If all that seems impossible right now…
Here’s what might be going wrong:

Mistake #1

You are not sure what to do.
You don’t know much about EQ. You know what you don’t want to have happen at work, but you don’t know exactly what steps to take to get what you do want.

Mistake #2

You wonder if the training will really work for you.
You know that if you do the work, you will be able to take control of your personal and professional life to become the type of leader and person you desire to be.

Mistake #3

You don’t have a clear-cut process to improve.
The REAL EQ Course follows a step-by-step process for learning every aspect of EQ with plenty of practice to internalize your skills.

Mistake #4

You don’t have time.
When will you have time to improve your leadership skills? We make time for what is important to us. Making time to improve your EQ will improve your work life as well as your personal life.


The REAL EQ Live Online Training Program

The ultimate individualized EQ program for people who want to effectively manage any difficult situation with confidence and skill.

Hi, I’m John Stoker—President of DialogueWORKS—curriculum designer, facilitator, coach, and speaker.

I am an expert in the fields of leadership, change management, dialogue, conflict resolution, and emotional intelligence.

Over the years, I have worked extensively with several leaders, managers, and individual contributors, helping them increase their capacity to enhance effectiveness and improve results.

I also wrote a book, Overcoming Fake Talk, to help people learn how to hold those difficult conversations that people avoid or don’t hold well.

When I finished the book, I really sensed that something was missing. That is when I began my research into emotional intelligence.

I realized that I could teach people all day long the process for talking about tough topics, but if they could not remain in control, nor help others to maintain their rationality, then all was in vain.

Heaven knows that I needed EQ training as much as anyone, being a rather passionate soul.

That’s why I created…

The REAL EQ Live, Online Training Program.

Everything you need to know to improve your work, your career, and your life.

Listen to what a CEO of a Sales Solutions Firm had to say:

“The EQ course is important to create better human interactions. Until you understand your view of people and situations, it is difficult to fully engage with others. Or, sometimes our views of people and situations keep us trapped in our beliefs. The EQ Course teaches students to open their minds to understand themselves and others in an easily comprehensible, digestible, and most importantly, implementable process to allow participants to immediately move from program to action. A missing piece in leadership, management, and sales programs, EQ is the 1 + 1 = 10.”

SCOTT MESSER | CEO, Sales Evolution

Improve your emotional intelligence!


The live, online program will meet for one hour a week for eight weeks.

Here is the content that we will cover.


REAL EQ is structured around the four distinct components of EQ:

Personal Awareness

Do You Know What Is Going on With You?

  • Identify how you create your emotions as well as the neuroscience behind emotional reactions.
  • Recognize and challenge the basis of your reactive feelings.
  • Identify how your expectations trigger your emotional reactions.

Personal Management

Can You Manage Your Emotions?

  • Learn practical skills that will help you to manage your feelings.
  • Uncover and challenge the accuracy of the thinking that drives your emotional reactions.
  • Learn how to manage your words and body to shift your feelings.

Interpersonal Awareness

Can You See What’s Going On?

  • Increase your awareness of the dynamics of your interactions with others.
  • Recognize how a person’s emotions, words, and behaviors reveal their thinking process.
  • Identify nonverbal behavior that shows up as “resistance signals” which have previously gone unnoticed and misunderstood.
  • Observe, identify, and explore the feelings, words, and actions that others use and the meaning behind their behavior.

Interpersonal Management

How Do You Manage Interpersonal Dynamics?

  • Manage your relationships more effectively.
  • Learn several skills for managing the emotions of others and defusing their defensiveness. 
  • Identify the violated personal values of others. Reduce emotion and build respect in any interaction.

HOW the Program Works

1. Enroll and pay the fee and then receive a zoom link that you will use for our scheduled class that will meet one hour a week for eight weeks.

2. Receive a REAL EQ  Action Planner, Self-Assessment, and Participant Workbook for use during the course.

3. Attend office hours that will be held on the second and fourth Friday of each month for additional group coaching on your specific EQ issues.

4. Schedule at your discretion a 40-minute coaching call with me any time during the eight weeks of the course to explore any aspect of EQ that you would like support with.

5. Receive a pdf of REAL EQ Tool Cards that summarize all of the principles and skills learned in the class.

6. REAL EQ Cues and Dos are email lessons that review the class content and provide additional opportunities to review and practice what you have learned. These start arriving after the completion of the course.

7. Receive access to a replay page. Can’t attend a class? No problem. You will access to all replays of each class for up to 6 months.

8. Access to John every step of the way, to answer your questions and address your concerns either by phone or email.

“REAL EQ has helped me immensely. When presented with a situation that typically resulted in an automatic, negative reaction, I have been more conscious of the need to pause, consider the information presented, and react more thoughtfully and deliberately. This training has helped me be more in control of these types of situations.”

Michael Bradt | Senior Global Leadership Development Manager, Cox Automotive, Inc.


REAL EQ Live Online Training



Class Includes:

4 x 2-hour training sessions

Materials & Self-Assessment

Weekly office hours

Coaching call with John

Set of Tool Cards

Cues and Dos

Session Recordings









For more information, contact us at

Have more questions?

Get some Answers.


Who is this course for?

Anyone who manages others or who desires to understand emotion and how to more effectively manage the emotional interactions of others. The principles and skills are applicable to one’s professional and personal life.

What if I am not a decision maker, but I want to take the class?

You can forward the link to this page to your manager. Focus on the benefits for taking the class. I would even be willing to hold a call with your manager. I can be contacted at

What is required of me?

Attend every session of the class and complete the assignments. If you cannot attend a session, be sure to watch the replay. Any questions that might arise, I encourage you to attend office hours to get your questions answered.

Will the replays be available forever?

You will have access to the replays for 6 months.

How is this EQ class different?

Many of the EQ courses that we have reviewed offer a number of different skills, but very few offer the skills for uncovering one’s personal values that trigger emotional reactions.

Without understanding one’s personal values and the perception that they have been violated, it is difficult to identify and manage one’s negative feelings.

After participating in the EQ Online Live Course you will be able to…


  •  Maintain self-control when confronted by difficult people
  • Reduce stress and increase personal awareness of others
  • Increase your leadership skills to deal with difficult people
  • Build employee engagement by establishing a culture based on psychological safety
  • Improve collaboration and teamwork
  • Create an environment of openness, candor, and learning
  • Communicate empathy for others’ feelings and thinking
  • Hold difficult conversations with confidence, calm, and courage
  • Defuse defensiveness to resolve conflict with effective solutions
  • Connect with others of diverse backgrounds
  • Increase your chances for promotion and higher income
  • Improve productivity and efficiency
  • Reduce turnover and increase retention

That’s what we’re dedicated to you achieving in the REAL EQ program.

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One of our students explained that the way he way spoke and dealt with others was causing others to transfer departments and even leave the company. He reluctantly signed up for the course. Here is what he said afterward.

“The REAL EQ course has had its greatest impact on the language I use. I discovered that the way I talked to others and in certain situations escalated my negative emotions and the emotions of others. Learning to speak positively has had a huge impact on myself and those I manage. My people have repeatedly said that this course is the best thing I have ever done as their manager.”

Director | Nuclear Waste Partnership, LLC


You have a choice to make

Door #1– Hope for the best.

You can do nothing, and hope things will get better. But you know if you do nothing, chances are that nothing will change. That’s how it works, right? So you don’t enjoy your job or the people you work with. What is the cost to your emotional resilience?

Door #2 – Read TONS of books and online articles to solve your EQ issue.

You can try reading books, looking for articles online, or seeing a therapist, all on your own. It might work… better than what you have been doing, anyway. But is it ‘better,’ really good enough?

Finally, Door #3 – Participate in the REAL EQ Program and improve your Life.

You can get everything included in the REAL EQ program without going through years of exploration and constant stops and starts while being held accountable to actually improve and increase your skills. In as little as 8 weeks, you will master the four areas of emotional intelligence that will allow you to take control in your relationships and your life.

There is no time like the present