Build Your Emotional Intelligence

Take Control of Your Feelings and Your Life



It’s time to learn to relate and manage highly emotional people in a way that gives you the confidence and skills to deal with any difficult situation


Introduction and Personal Awareness

What to do?

Once you have completed the following steps, you will be prepared for the Personal Management Module.

1. Download the REAL EQ Action Planning Guide

You will use this document to record your learnings and to create an Action Plan of things that you will work on.


2. Download the REAL EQ Self-Assessment

Print off this document, read the instructions and take the self-assessment. Once you have completed the assessment you are ready to play the recording to the introduction.


3. Download the REAL EQ Participant Manual Pages

These pages will be used while watching the
training video.


4. Play the training video segment

Take notes and be sure to stop the video to complete the exercises involved. Note: At the end of each section are completed examples of the exercises that you might want to review. Once you have completed these steps, you will be prepared to proceed with the first module.

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Introduction & Personal Awareness