Frequently Asked Questions

Why the DialogueWORKS Academy?
Some people don’t have the time and resources to do a one-day or two-day live event on site. Using a series of online-training courses allows people or workgroups the opportunity to learn the skills that will improve their performance and leadership in a more convenient format and at their leisure.
How long are the courses?

Each course is divided into modules. Each module includes a downloadable participant workbook pdf. along with a video presentation of that module’s content. Participants view the module video and learn the applicable skills by completing exercises that are included in the participant workbook. Participants may take as long as they desire to complete the various exercises within each module. The video presentation with each module may vary from one hour to an hour and a half.

What kind of skills will I learn?
That depends on the course that you take. Our courses are designed to improve one’s interpersonal skills. So whether you are taking our emotional intelligence course, REAL EQ: Managing Emotions for Results, or our interpersonal communications course, REAL Talk: Creating REAL Conversations for Results, our aim is to improve your ability to interact with others to achieve results, create respect, and build your relationships.
How can I practice what I learn?

Each course comes with a detailed self-assessment that provides insight about what you ought to work on to improve your skills. You will then experience the course content which will help you learn a variety of skills that are immediately applicable at work and at home.

After the course, each participant will build an action plan to implement on an ongoing basis. During the course, participants will sign up for what we call our Cues and Dos. Cues and Dos are a series of email lessons that come every other week for a number
of weeks. These lessons remind participants of a principle they learned in the course as well as a number of cues that they might experience that remind them that they need to practice what they have learned. The Dos is a list of options that participants might take to address the situations in which they find themselves.

Finally, we will schedule a series of live webinars during and after each course is completed to answer any questions or address any challenges that people may experience.

How long do I have access to the course?

Once participants sign up for the course, they will have access to all course materials to download. The videos will be available for two months from the time of sign up. We would hope that individuals signing up would be honest and would not reproduce the participant workbook segments for their team and then view the course videos as a group. Individuals are free to take the course. If a group desires to go through the course, we would invite you to contact us to discuss group pricing and discounts.