How to Hold REAL Conversations That Get Results

Learn to Talk About What Matters Most

Whether you are working remotely or face-to-face, people are still not speaking up and talking about what matters most. Recent research revealed…


  • 74% of employees feel that the feedback they receive is ineffective
  • 69% of manager says that they are uncomfortable communicating with their people
  • 2 out of 3 say that maintaining remote team morale is a challenge
  • 71% of leaders say working remotely has been a challenge

Master the Art of Conversation

Why are our conversations so difficult?

Sometimes we are afraid of the consequences or we just don’t know what to say. Then we end up avoiding the conversation or our best attempts blow up. Our attempts do not yield the results we desire. That is why most people struggle to talk about what matters most. We engage in “fake talk”—all kinds of talk that fail to achieve results, create respect, and build our relationships.

Achievement and improved results in our personal and professional lives are accomplished by holding REAL Conversations. You can learn a simple four-step process for holding any difficult conversation. No more guesswork or wondering what to say or how your message will be received. You can learn, understand, and apply the REAL Talk model to the most difficult conversations that you must hold.

Take Responsibility for Your Professional Development

Do you struggle to give people the feedback they need? When team members become defensive do you clam up and avoid the confrontation? Are some of your people disengaged? Do you struggle to provide inclusion training to those who need it the most?

In spite of the pandemic and not being physically together, professional development has never been more important. And those conversations that people are not holding are more important than ever to the success of your business.

Live-online training that is immediately applicable to the conversational challenges that you may be having in your personal and professional life.

What skills will you learn in this four-hour course?

Increased Awareness

Increase your awareness of dynamics present in any conversation and learn to manage those dynamics to achieve results.

Holding Difficult Conversations

Use the DialogueWORKS process for holding any conversation with anyone no matter how difficult the topic may be.

Conversational Success

Prepare the few simple steps that lead to conversational success.

Challenging Assumptions

Notice and challenge the accuracy of your assumptions and the thinking that derails your effectiveness.

Contributing & Collaborating

Deliver your message in a way that creates more contribution and collaboration rather than defensiveness and resistance.

Deliberate Questioning

Ask the types of questions that take the guesswork out of wondering what to ask and what you need to know.

Resolving Conflict

Defuse “hot” or negative emotions in resolving conflict.

Creating Solutions

Build creative solutions to complex problems through collaboration.

What People Are Saying

“The REAL Talk training has helped me and my team to improve our results and the way we interact with our clients more than any other training we have ever experienced. It was spot on!”

Director, Training and Development

Autotrader, Inc.

“The dialogue skills gained in the REAL Talk training are essential for our success. Together with our team members we learned how to collaborate with one another and other teams outside our department. The skills we gained enabled us to improve our personal and professional skills to work and engage with others. We developed practical skills that we could use immediately.”

Vice President of HR


“A few years ago our culture was highly disrespectful. Turnover was high and job satisfaction scores were abysmal. DialogueWORKS’ training in dialogue, critical thinking, and leadership skills had a great impact upon me. The training was actionable and was used to create positive, organizational change and momentum.”.

Executive Vice President of Sales


“Our REAL Talk sessions have enabled our teams to speak the same language, become better listeners, understand self-defeating barriers and hold far more productive and constructive conversations throughout all levels of the organization. This in turn has had a tremendous impact on our customer service, employee engagement and ability to accomplish great work in a rapidly changing environment.”

Executive Director of HR

American National Bank

 The REAL Conversations training will teach you how to hold a feedback conversation through the use of four simple steps. You will gain the confidence in knowing how to prepare and deliver the feedback that will help people improve their performance and achieve results.

Live Online Benefits at A Glance

Full REAL Talk Content

Participants learn how to hold REAL Conversations that will help them give feedback, coach, confront, delegate, and engage.


The course has many interactive activities and exercises to help keep people engaged and learning.

Numerous Resources

The course includes a self-assessment, the book Overcoming Fake Talk, a set of tool cards, the REAL Talk app, and an ongoing series of email lessons for after-the-course review.


Participants will be asked to identify and work on a series of personal situations in which they want to improve their ability to hold effective conversations.

The REAL Conversations training will be facilitated by a Certified Master Trainer.

The price of the course is $299 for the 4 and ½ hour, online, live event. Date April 22, 2021, Time 9 to 12:30 pm MDT. Participants need to have access to Zoom, a high-speed internet connection and a microphone and camera on their PC.

What type of results might you receive from taking the course?

Participants have reported that they have experienced the following:

Improved personal and professional results with difficult people

Revamped organization accountability and execution

Created a culture of respect

Built stronger, better relationships

Increased engagement

Increased contribution and cooperation

Transformed conversations to be goal-orientated

Increased employee and customer satisfaction

Accelerated productivity and efficiency

Experienced higher levels of commitment and performance

Created a leadership style of mutual understanding and agreement

Learned to talk candidly about competing demands within work projects which improved alignment and execution of objectives to reach desired results

Strengthened teamwork in solving problems and managing complex challenges in cross-functional workgroups

Join us for this class where you will learn how to hold REAL Conversations!! Take the next step in improving your career. We know you won’t be disappointed!