REAL EQ: Managing Emotions for Results

Take Control of Your Feelings and Your Life


REAL EQ will help you recognize emotional reactions and how to manage those reactions that will greatly enhance your professional and personal effectiveness.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has been identified as a key component for anyone who works with, supervises, or leads others. For example, EQ accounts for 58% performance in all types of jobs.

Those individuals with high EQ navigate social complexities at work, lead and motivate others more effectively, and advance more quickly in their careers. Those who develop their EQ also are healthier, live longer, and manage the day-to-day stressful challenges more effectively.

REAL EQ Empowers You to…


clearly and openly to improve execution.


collaboration and decision-making for solutions.


to increase understanding in challenging situations.


productivity and motivation.


anxiety and stress around change.


strong emotions to reach a resolution.


a culture of optimism for opportunity.


social skills to influence trust and respect.

John Stoker

John Stoker is the Founder of DialogueWORKS, LLC. He is an expert in the fields of leadership, change management, dialogue, conflict resolution, and emotional intelligence. John has worked extensively with a number of companies, helping them increase their capacity to enhance effectiveness and improve results. John is also the author of the popular groundbreaking book, Overcoming Fake Talk. His list of clients includes Cox Communications, Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, American National Bank, Department of Energy and many others.

What Will You Learn?

REAL EQ is structured around the four distinct components of EQ:


Personal Awareness

Do You Know What Is Going on With You?

  • Become aware of how you create your emotions as well as the neuroscience behind emotional reactions.
  • Understand and challenge the emergence of your reactive feelings.
  • Have your emotions rather than being had by them.

Personal Management

Can You Manage Your Emotions?

  • Learn a number of practical, personal skills that will help you to manage your feelings.
  • Uncover and challenge the thinking that drives your emotional reactions.
  • Learn how to manage your words and body movement to shift your feelings.

Interpersonal Awareness

Can You See What is Going On?

  • Increase your social awareness.
  • Recognize how a person’s emotions, words, and actions signal what is going on in their thinking process.
  • Identify nonverbal behavior that shows up as “resistance signals” which have previously gone unnoticed or undetected.
  • Observe, identify, and explore the feelings, words, and actions that others use and the meaning behind their behavior.

Interpersonal Management

How Do You Manage Interpersonal Dynamics?

  • Manage your relationships more effectively.
  • Learn a number of skills for managing the emotions of others and defusing defensiveness that may be present among individuals.
  • Reduce emotion and build respect in any interaction.

Program Information

Explore the REAL EQ Class Curriculum! The REAL EQ training is designed to identify emotional challenges and learn the principles and skills that will make you the master of your emotions.

Introduction: What is Emotional Intelligence?

You’ll learn what emotional intelligence encompasses and the case for becoming more emotionally intelligent in your personal and professional life.

Highlights include:

  • Identify who or what stress you out
  • Define the four components of EQ.
  • Assess your EQ by debriefing the self-assessment you completed before the course
  • Clearly identify a situation you want to improve
Personal Awareness: Do You Know What Is Going On With You?

You’ll learn how your thinking creates the emotional reactions that you experience. You will also learn how to make your thought process more visible allowing you to challenge your thinking accuracy.

Highlights include:

  • Understand how brain physiology creates your emotional reactions.
  • Learn how negative emotional reaction is the result of an individual’s perception.
    of personal violated values.
  • You will identify your emotional triggers or “hot” buttons.
  • Learn how your mindsets impact your interactions with others.
  • And so much more…
Personal Management: Can You Manage Your Emotions?

Once you have understood how you create your emotions, you’ll be ready to learn a number of different skills for managing your emotions more effectively.

Highlights include:

  • Distinguish data from interpretation that gives rise to your emotional reactions.
  • Examine the accuracy of your thinking while exploring other options.
  • How to deliberately and consciously shift your feelings at the moment.
  • Use physical movements to change how you think and feel.
  • And that’s only the beginning…
    Interpersonal Awareness: Can You Recognize What is Going On?

    You will learn how to recognize people’s thinking influences what they feel, say, and do. Recognizing these behaviors will help you understand them more deeply. Highlights include:

    Highlights include:

    • Recognize the presence of “undiscussables” by what people feel, say, and do.
    • Learn to identify the “resistance” signals that people display that signals an imminent emotional reaction.
    • How to surface the meaning behind all the nonverbal cues that people display.
    • And much more…
    Interpersonal Management: How Do You Manage Interpersonal Dynamics?

    You will learn to manage the emotions of others and defuse defensiveness that may be present between individuals. You will be able to restore rationality and engage in conflict resolution with EASE.

    Highlights include:

        • Learn a simple four-step model for understanding all emotional reaction.
        • Learn four questions to defuse emotions.
        • Demonstrate your understanding of a situation by using empathy.
        • Identify the values hidden by negative feelings and actions.
        • And much more…

    What People are Saying


    REAL EQ has helped me immensely. When presented with a stimulus that typically results in an automatic, negative reaction, I have been more conscious of the need to pause, consider the information presented, and react more thoughtfully. This training has helped me be more in control of myself.

    HR Manager, Cox Automotive Inc.

    The REAL EQ course has had its greatest impact on the language I use. I discovered that the way I talked about others and in certain situations escalated my negative emotions and the emotions of others. Learning to speak positively has had a huge impact on myself and those I manage.

    Director, Nuclear Waste Partnership, LLC

    The REAL EQ class has helped me to identify my personal triggers–those situations which trigger my feelings. I have found that this concept has helped me manage my team members and my interactions with customers more effectively.

    Account Manager, Xactware, Inc.


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    For Corporate Teams