DialogueWORKS Academy

Online Learning, Principles and Skills for Today’s Leaders

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Three Must-Know Principles for Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence

What is DialogueWORKS Academy?

The DialogueWORKS Academy is an online educational experience that will allow leaders, managers, and individual contributors to acquire the interpersonal skills to be exceptional professionals and individuals.

The skills acquired will help you to achieve results and make a difference to everyone with whom you interact.

Free Webinar: Three Must-Know Principles for Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence

Identify your emotional triggers

Eliminate What Causes You to React Emotionally

Defuse others’ defensiveness

Who is this for?

What human beings do, personally and professionally, is enhanced by their ability to interact with each other.

Whether you are a leader, a manager, or an individual contributor, your ability to create respect, build relationships, and achieve results is dependent upon your capacity to elevate, inspire, and connect with others.


Eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming events. Experience the learning whenever and wherever you want.


Use the self-paced learning modules, participant materials, and interactive video segments to acquire immediately transferable skills that will make a difference in your professional and personal life.


Take advantage of our course curriculum to develop the interpersonal and leadership skills you desire to learn.

Why do this?

Embrace the Approach

Online/On-demand learning is economical and efficient for gaining skills to become interpersonally brilliant!

Nurture Leadership Skills

Do you learn skills by reading online articles? Skills must be internalized and practiced with real-life challenges.

Up Your Game

Rapid advances in technology, competition, and change require managers to acquire and constantly improve critical people skills.